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Asshole, also known as President, Janitor, and probably many others is a card game played by three or more players each attempting to rid themselves of all of their cards. The first player to play all cards becomes the President and earns the most points. The first person to 100 points wins the game.

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Position and Points

  • President - Winner of previous round [5 points]
  • Vice President - Runner up of previous round [4 points]
  • Vice Asshole - Second to last of previous round [2 points]
  • Asshole - Loser of previous round [1 point]

Rules and Regulations

The first hand is used to determine the player positions. All cards are dealt evenly to the four players. The highest card is a Joker, than a two, ace, King, Queen, etc... One Joker will beat anything, otherwise the same number of cards are needed to beat the previous player's hand. In the first hand, the player with a three of clubs leads, after each position is determined, the Asshole will lead.

At the start of each turn, the Asshole will give their two best cards to the President. In turn, the President will give the Asshole their two worst cards. Vice Asshole and Vice President perform the same swap with only one card.

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Sample Asshole Card Game Play

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